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Our Mission

Welcome!  JWalk with us, will ya…

Our mission is to produce from the heart. True art is organic. It is within each and every one of us from the moment of awareness. All of us are unique in our own way. THERE ARE NO TYPES. It seems that over time we have forgotten the foundations of performing. With training, trust and vulnerability, we connect.

So many of us are forced by the industry to forget why we get into it in the first place! That drives us to JWalk!

Can we please remember that the exploration of others enables us to better understand ourselves?! An actor can be of any age, gender, cultural and ethnic background, and so on. So can a musician, so can a visual artist. …And there is so much beauty in our struggle as performers, as discoverers and as human beings. JWalk is a production company with old school values and modern flair.  We aspire to promote theatrical and cinematic work that represents the local AND global scope of human experience and aims to broaden people’s minds. Our intention is to create a more inclusive and critically thinking society.

Our weapons of choice vary from classics to modern day, non-partisan but politically charged, intellectually challenging, humorous, bizarre, dark and maybe even light creations of the mind and the heart.

We are actors BUT if you are a musician, a visual artist, a dancer, a playwright, a writer, a director or a crazily creative soul with developed ideas, TALK TO US! Let’s join forces.

We are anti-type! We walk out of the lines to forefront issues of personal importance in the public conscience.  We JWALK fearlessly! Come with us.